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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Build those Perfect Solutions

Those correct arrangements every now and again require a combo of disparate infrastructure structures. Hybrid Cloud Solution permits you excessively consolidate things you possesses, hosted solutions, likewise versatile components to makes the great fitting situations for yours need.

How Do You Hybrid Cloud?

  • Hybrid Colocations or Cloud
  • Hybrid Private or Public Cloud
  • Hybrid On-Premise or Cloud
  • Hybrid Multi-Cloud
  • U Need an Experts. Non-Just a Providers.
  • Making genuine Hybrid solutions require expertise operating systems, security, compute, networking, storage, virtualization, and moreover software solution

You will likewise needs the architect who is a specialist in DataCenter operation additionally shake solids 24*7 backings this can settle any issue that happens a minute takes note. This aptitude to brings those zones of advancements, skill, people groups, and arrangement unitedly what make Lume that best

Key Benefit of Hybrid Solution

  • Flexible – Build What You Needs
  • Better Economic
  • Huge Availability
  • Applications Focused
  • Centralized Resources also Uptime Monitoring
  • Many Data Centers Location
  • SSAE-16, HIPAA, and PCI Compliant Solution
  • Single Technologies Partners
  • Hybrid: Colocation or Cloud

Joining Lume’s colocations additionally facilitating arrangement give a superlative blend of advantages. That security likewise separation gets from colocation, joined with this adaptability additionally exhibitions of mists, permit be much receptive to calling change while utilizing each current equipment types u may already possess.

Ideal for:

  • Disasters Recovery
  • Growth also Expansion
  • Scalability also Redundancy
  • using Existing Hardwares
  • Meet Compliance Requirement
  • Hybrid: Public Cloud or Private Cloud
  • AWS Direct Connect Solution

Public or Private cloud solutions permit u to join your privates’ environments to like AWS, public provider, likewise rapidly “burst” when u have surprising burden/traffics spike. AWS Directed Connect permit u to set up a secured additionally private associations with AWS’s public clouds.

AWS Direct Connect Benefit

  • Integrate including AWS for fact Public or Private Hybrid solutions
  • Guaranteed networks performances when transfer data to AWS environments
  • Decrease costs via taking advantages of low transfer rate into this AWS clouds
  • Consistency into performance including lower I/O also API latency
  • Hybrid: On Premise or Cloud

Incorporating on-start gear including one of the Lume’s cloud solution can help settle few of that difficulties so frequently show up when joining certain areas prerequisite/utilize legacy equipment. Lume’s answers designers is master at engineerings arrangement that permits u to join your being on-preface infrastructures including ur Lume hosted solutions

Ideal for:

  • Database replication also syncing
  • Leveraging existing or legacy hardware
  • Integrating local file servers
  • Branch office files sharing
  • Quickly accessing larger media files
  • Hybrid: Multi-Cloud
  • That More the Merrier

The multi-cloud Hybrid solution includes utilizing many cloud administrations of many cloud hosting providers. The multi-cloud technique is an amazing arrangement to give equipment additionally infrastructure unreasonable in options to Cataloging and steerings client traffics through that quickest systems ways. See some cloud is great suited than another for a few undertakings. Masters help u send, outline, likewise even oversees Multi-Cloud solutions that permit ur business do effectively what it have to do.

  • Pick also choose cloud service from Various of vendors
  • Develop Disaster Recovery also geo-presence
  • Using a “portfolio approach” give u the capacity to future-proofs ur cloud strategy
  • Optimize cost also performances where u needs it

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